Passagem e Hospedagem
Academia da Etiqueta

Setores da Feira

Fair Sectors

  • Aligners, compressors, exhaust fans and peripherals;
  •  converters;
  •  Labellers and markers;
  •  Knives: rotary, flat, laser cutting (longitudinal and transverse);
  •  Flexography: photopolymer, films, printing cylinders and anilox cylinders coating, special fabrics for cleaning;
  •  Hot Stamping: oiser, cliches for hot stamping, film;
  •  digital printing, ink jet and all the necessary peripherals;
  •  Convertedoras machines;
  •  Machines for prepress;
  •  Off set: printing plates, blankets, molhadoras shirts;
  •  Papers, adhesives, glues, silicones and liner;
  •  RFID: Radio Frequency Identification of products;
  •  Silk Screen: screens and equipment;
  •  System UV: varnish, paint and lamp;
  •  Inks (flexographic, typographic, off set, silk screem) venizes and inputs in general.